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Sun, Jul 10


Online Zoom Workshop

Dreams Into Reality

Learn to interpret your own dreams and discover the transformative adventure that awaits your life once you do.

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Dreams Into Reality
Dreams Into Reality

Time & Location

Jul 10, 2022, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Online Zoom Workshop

About the Event

​​I love talking about dreams. My dreams, your dreams. Everything dreams. And I've found a way to help everyone totally understand their dreams.   After studying hypnosis and the subconscious for 30 years I've learned that the subconscious mind is intentional with everything. It speaks in symbols and meaning.   ​​Dreams are the raw language of the subconscious.   Through hypnotic regression we can go back to any event that we have lived through and explore the memory. One day I realized that this meant that we can go back into any dream as well.  So I started regressing my clients into any dreams they had just for fun.   It started to become so transformative that I began checking to see if there was a dream the client needed to revisit in each session.   So I started offering this as a service to my clients. I became one of the most transformative services that I ever offered. 

Even better, I discovered a way to do this while you're wide awake without hypnosis. And anyone can do this without a hypnotist or hypnotherpist.   Our subconscious is solving our life problems in our dreams. It is brining us through situations again to help us learn unlearned lessons. Also it brining us into situations to prepare us for what is to come. ​​  What are our dreams doing for us? What are they telling us?  Only the subconscious knows. Not a book on dreams. Not from a carrot card reader. Your subconscious is the author and engineer of your dreams and it has a purpose with each and every dream. ​​All we have to do is to learn how to ask and recevie the answers and all of the meanings will be revealed to us.   I used to have a dream that my dad would throw me way up into the air up into outer space. It was amazing going up, but then the terror of realizing that I was going to start falling came over me.   I would plummet to the ground and wake up before I hit the earth. ​​​​​​​​​​​​  After using my dream interpretation process ​​I discovered that the dream was about my life path and purpose.   It was about learning to be on my own and then the fear of falling back down to others. ​​It was about trust and the worry that there will be no one there to catch me if I fall.   After processing this dream I learned to trust the bottom.  That if things don't go the way I hope I can lean on others for support.  This gave me more courage to strive for more!  I don't have to be afraid of the fall.  So I started to rise up higher with the courage that comes with support.   This changed me. But it took me having this dream 50 times for me to get it. I didn't get it until I went through my Dreams Into Reality process.   Now, whenever I have a dream I know that its for my own good. Even the bad dreams can be the most transformative.   ​​​​​​​​​​And now I've decided to start teaching this process to others.   Starting on April 3 at 11am EST I'll be guiding you through the process.  - How to connect and communicate with your subconscious mind - How to get messages from your dreams - How to rapidly learn the lessons of your dreams - How to return to your dreams while you are awake - Interpreting the meaning and symbols of your dreams  - How to use multiple dreams to make a breakthrough in your life - How to turn your dreams into a reality  The workshop will be a 4 hour workshop starting at 11am so that we can host others from all time zones.  At this moment this will be a one time chance to have this experience.   The cost to attend the class will be $200.

Please come early so that we can start the even on time powerfully and that we can set our intentions as a group. 

At the end of the event there will be an opportunity for a continued dream work program. 

Do you have any dreams you want to work out with Damian? There will be open opportunity in the event to work with him during example cases. Then we will all break out and work on our own dreams and share back with the group. 

Commonly asked questions:

Q: What if I don't have a dream that I know I want to work on? 

A: Your subconscious knows if there are dreams it would like to work with you on and you just have to as your subconscious. 

Q: What if the dream i want to work on is a scary dream?

A: That's great! This process is a gentle process and you can gain great benefit from uncomfortable dreams. One step at a time. 

Q: I've had dreams that have told the future... does this go into that?

A: Yes. This process will explore the true meaning of any dreama nd if its related to upcoming events you will be able to gather all of the information you need about that. 

Q: I remember only a small portion of a dream i had. Will this still work with that dream?

A: Yes. Even if you only remember a feeling from the dream we can tap into the dream and everything will come top the surface if its safe and appropriate. 


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